Hannah Kirkpatrick selected among Top 15 at Mrs. America – we made Vermont history!


Sorry for the delay in updating this (see http://www.Facebook.com/HannahBoucherKirkpatrick for more regular updates on this stuff!) but I’m proud to say that Vermont has FINALLY (for the first time in history, that I know of) entered the Top 15 at Mrs. America, the nation’s longest-running pageant for married women!


The entire group of contestants were truly some of the most beautiful, accomplished, kind, thoughtful, and community-focused women I have EVER met.  Seriously, not a bad seed in the bunch.  And the old adage is true: you’ll make friends forever.  And now I will never need to take a cab from the airport again, in any state across the nation (HI and AK, too!)  

I have 51 new “sisters” who are equally committed to their families, their causes, their communities, and making a difference in the world.   Proud to have every single one of them.  


About Hannah Kirkpatrick ~ Mrs. Vermont America 2013, Recovery Advocate & Inspirational Speaker

Addictive substances & behaviors devastate the lives of millions of Americans every day. I was one of them, and I now share my story of escape, and the miracles of hope and joy in long-term recovery that has repaired my family and given us a new lease on life.
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