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  1. obsoyours says:

    Thanks Hannah. Hope you get to read this when you get a moment.

    • Dear Observationally Yours (may I call you “Matt”?),

      It is with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat that I digest your post about me. I must admit, my heart raced in uncomfortable anticipation of what the next person might have to say about the “beauty queen”…the well-worn pre-judgement, perhaps, or misinterpretation, or underestimation?

      Like you, I was pleasantly surprised. First, you are an enviable writer. Frank, succinct, heart-driven. Second, I feel “heard” by you. Not that my speaking at this event was about “me” – it truly wasn’t – but since I put myself out there to a packed theatre of my neighbors with my darkest vulnerabilities, it’s nice to not be torn down at least. Thanks 🙂

      In reflection, Matt, your post represents what I love most about the recovery community. We are all bonded by our greatest weaknesses. Not our strengths, our glories, or our egos, but by our struggles, and our victories over a darkness that could have consumed us, and always lurks. There is an invisible string connecting every one of us heart to heart, and I believe that web is woven of COURAGE. The courage it takes to get down on our knees, to ask for help. The courage it takes to dig deep and makes the changes necessary to give us a brand new life. Finally, if we are among the lucky ones, the courage it takes to turn around to our communities, to extend a hand and offer a little hope to others, “I’ve been there, too. Hang in there. You are worth it.”

      So Matt, thanks for acknowledging all of me, stumbles included. (Should I not edit that part out of the recap video?!) Thanks for describing so succinctly,

      “The stumble meant nothing. The recovery meant everything.”

      I think you hit the nail on the head…that’s what this recovery thing is all about.

      My very best,
      You may call me Hannah

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